Вышел Microsoft(R) Firefox 2007. Не качать ни в коем случае!!!


На всякий случай, если сайт закроют далее скриншот. Очень смешные системные требования :)))

Microsoft(R) Firefox 2007 released. Do NOT download!!!

I post screenshot of site below, in case they close it :)))

The new award-winning browser from Microsoft is now faster, securer and quicker anything else on the market. Why use anything else?

>> Enjoy a Better Web Experience

MS Firefox 2007 delivers a dramatic boost in the download speeds of online pornography. By utilising a proprietary dynamic algorithm – anything that remotely resembles a tit or a boob will download up to 10 times faster. Fun at the speed of light!

>> Stay Secure on the Web

Firefox 2007’s new TakeOver(TM) technology protects the Windows Kernel by automatically recognizing all McAfee and Symantec programs as viruses. Downloading has never been safer.

>> Interactive Multimedia

Microsoft’s AKobe Phlash(TM) Plugin delivers awesome online interactive content; anything from music, videos to games. (Lawsuit from Adobe pending)

>> Personalize Your Browser

Choose from three excellent browsing styles! Minimized, Maximized and Fullscreen!