Adobe Director 12! What???

Adobe released new version of Director 12 after very long(4 years!) delay. I think this technology already dead!

Features list:

  • Publish to iOS devices workflow
  • Stereoscopy with Adobe Director 12
  • Exciting new Post-processing effects
  • Exciting new textures and shaders
  • Support for more than 40 video, audio, and image file formats
  • Powerful 3D support
  • Advanced physics with NVIDIA PhysX support
  • Support for Flash 10.2 and video created with Flash technology
  • Easy multiversion output
  • Parallax mapping
  • Character Controller capabilities
  • Cloth simulation capabilities

Check list of features at Adobe site.

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  • geektard says:

    Not dead. I still get work updating old titles, building touch screen kiosks and such. But this version won’t revive it. First, there’s better 3D gaming environments that port to iOS AND Android. Do many people make 3D games in Director? What would have been better was the ability to integrate iOS device functionality into a multimedia environment designed to work with touch screens. They provide accelerometer access but where is the camera, or access to the iTunes library? I don’t think they remember what Director was.

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