Few new 360 videos for Oculus Rift

New 360 videos we filmed in mmsco.ru for our client.

vrcotics: fractazm WIP

WIP video of vrcorics:fractazm with positional tracking.

Metal shader for rendering Julia3D on Ipad Air 2

Exploring Metal on Ipad Air 2. Playing with fractals etc...

vrcotics: fractazm – fractals in Oculus Rift DK2

Week ago i finally start building my old idea, huge 3d fractal application for Oculus Rift DK2.

Below some videos from first alpha version and test link

Plain version:

Rift version:

download vrcotics: fractazm alpha

few limitation for alpha version:
1. MUST be run with '-force-opengl' (use .bat file to start demo)
2. dont work in 'DirectHMD Access' mode, only in 'Extend Display', due OpenGL, i will try to rewrote all shaders in Cg in future versions.
3. You need good GPU for better fps.
4. no controls for the moment, just sit, look around and relax. turn on good music )

Little planet tests

We playing with Freedom360 a little )

mmsco little planet tests from den ivanov on Vimeo.